Virtual Museum of Human Evolution
Launching Late 2018

We are hard at work on our first title, the Virtual Museum of Human Evolution. This is not a game in the traditional sense, but rather an experience simulator. A museum simulator! The virtual museum is focused on providing an experience similar to that of visiting a natural history museum, but virtually! 3D and VR technologies are poised to revolutionize learning, and we’re applying these technologies to make the evolutionary history of our species accessible to a wider audience.

An Experience Like No Other

Explore Unique 3D Content

The virtual museum was created in collaboration with professional anthropologists and museum designers. This expert knowledge inspired the creation of a truly unique experience allowing users to explore millions of years of primate and human evolution. Rooms correspond to different evolutionary periods, and displays include hundreds of 3D models created specifically for the virtual museum. Users explore this content by directly interacting with it.

If you’re the type who likes personally exploring fossils, then the Virtual Museum of Human Evolution is for you!

Interaction is the Basis of Learning

Every living thing is a product of evolution. Thousands of museums around the world exist to translate evolutionary into public knowledge. College courses introduce tens of thousands of students to the topic as well. However, learning about this topic can be boring, dry, or otherwise uninteresting.

The best museums solve these problems by providing interactive content. The Virtual Museum of Human Evolution includes dozens of exhibits allowing users to interact with hundreds of 3D models representing key periods in the evolution of our species.

It doesn’t stop with humans! Although the focus is on the emergence of bipedal apes over the last 6 million years (BTW, you’re a bipedal ape), the museum also explores 60 million years of primate evolution, evolutionary theory, how scientists collect and interpret fossil evidence, and many, many other topics.

A Living Museum for the Future

The museum is informed by the latest discoveries in human evolution, and we’ll continue to update it as new discoveries occur. It was designed for anyone who loves museums, wants to explore human evolution, or as a supplement to high school and college courses in anthropology and biology.

The Virtual Museum of Human Evolution will initially be released for Windows and Mac computers through Steam and Itch. A VR version is scheduled for a later release and a supplemental handheld app allowing users to explore the key fossils and artifacts spread throughout the museum. The initial version will be released Summer 2018.

A view of the entry hallway, with animated diorama of an archaeological site.
Interpretive signs explain the basics of archaeological excavations.
Our robot tour guide helps answer questions visitors may have. He may also pick up whatever artifacts you have thrown around if you ask nicely enough.
Clicking on various points in the dioramas reveal labels that explain the process of finding, cleaning, cataloging, and storing artifacts.
Animation of natural selection. Peppered moth coloring changes as birch trees darken with soot, then reverse in recent decades.